Rules for Band Trip Form/Uniform Checkout Info

Saturday, July 28 is uniform checkout day.  To receive a uniform, each band/colorguard student must

1.  Hand in the completed Rules for Band Trips form (the form is attached).  This form must be signed by the student and parent/guardian.  You can also download this form online at  Extra copies will be provided for those who are unable to print their form.   Remember a parent/guardian signature is also needed.

2.  Each band/colorguard student will need to provide a CURRENT wallet sized photo and attach it to the rules for the band form.  This is for safety purposes.  The photo will not be shared.

3.  If you have not yet completed the activity/health form online,  you need to complete the form ASAP.  This process should have been completed prior to the first day of practice.  The form is found on your Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

Uniforms will not be issued without both the activity/health form and the signed Rules for Band Trips
form with photo attached.

Band students will also need to bring $3.00 per pair for black gloves, $3 per pair for white gloves(drum majors only). All band members except drum line and front ensemble wear black gloves. It is recommended that each band member have two pair of gloves.  A $3.00 fee is charged each time gloves are replaced during the season. It is also recommended that pit members purchase a pair of black gloves in case they are a sign pusher for parades.


Rules for Band Trips Form

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