Social Media Links

Videos on YouTube – Past shows from 1998-2014.

Facebook – LHS Band Group

Flickr – LHS Band Group

To download photos from Flickr:

-click on the picture you’d like, either from the LHS Band web page or

-click on “Actions” then choose “View all sizes” from the dropdown menu

-choose the size (resolution) you want to download (large size is the default)

-click “Download the (your choice) size”

Anyone can download photos.  Only Flickr members can upload photos.

To upload photos to Flickr:

-Join Flickr

-If you are not a member of Flickr but have a Yahoo! ID, you can use your Yahoo! ID to join. Yahoo! and Flickr are free.

-Upload your photos to your Flickr page

-Join this group, it’s called “Lincoln High School Band”

-Click “Add something?”.  Once you have uploaded your photos to your Flickr account, add them to the group pool.

Free Flickr accounts have a 200 photo limit on individual accounts.  You can upload more than 200 photos, but only the most recent 200 will appear on your page (photos past 200 are not deleted, they just don’t appear).  The 200 photo limit doesn’t apply to group pools.  All the photos you add to the group pool will continue to appear.

The Flickr photos on the right column of this site come from the 20 most recent photos uploaded to the Flickr group photo pool (takes approx. 20 min to appear on the site).