Festival of Bands Results

Thanks to all the fans that came out, it was an outstanding event!

Special thanks to the Bands for their great performances!

Finally, thank you volunteers for your hard work and dedication!

Future event results can be found at:

Youth in Music: https://www.youthinmusic.org/

BOA: http://www.musicforall.org/resources/fall-results/2017/2017


Finals Field Awards:
10th Place: Norfolk High School - 69.9
9th Place: Mitchell High School - 71.0
8th Place: West Lyon High School – 71.3
7th Place: Rochester Lourdes High School - 73.0
6th Place: Brookings High School – 73.3
5th Place Hastings High School – 74.1
4th Place: Waseca High School – 79.6
3rd Place: Brandon Valley High School – 81.3
2nd Place: Marshall High School – 84.0
Grand Champion Field: Eastview High School – 84.2
Outstanding Drum Line: Eastview High School
Outstanding Horn Line: Marshall High School
Outstanding Drum Majors: Brookings High School
People’s Choice Award: Worthington High School
Popplers Music “Spirit of the Festival” Award: Norfolk High School
Grand Champion – Parade: Worthington High School
Overall Grand Champion: Waseca High School