Nov 11

Uniform Check in Days

Posted in Bandparents' Note by Leon Olson

All band and colorguard members will turn in their items on the following dates/times:

Dates: Tuesday November 15, Wednesday November 16, and Friday November 18

Time:  3:30-6:00 pm

Place:  LHS Band room

What you need to do:

1.      Look over the uniform.  Make sure all buttons and snaps are securely sewn on, and all “custom sewing” (hems) are removed.  Empty pockets.

2.      DRY CLEAN the black pants and the blue jacket.  Do NOT dry clean the sash or the vestee.  Tuba players must also dry clean back berets. The uniform MUST be returned clean.

3.      Check and clean out your hatbox.  The hatbox must include the hat, plume (in the cardboard tube as issued), and 2 gauntlets (except percussion).  Tuba players will only have gauntlets and cleaned berets.

4.      Gently HAND wash the garment bag and hang to dry. DO NOT PLACE IN THE DRYER!

5.      Drill Master shoes and gloves do not need to be returned, as they are personal property that you have paid for.  However, shoe donations from seniors (or growing feet) are welcome and appreciated at this time and may be placed in the box in the band room.

6.      All additional uniform parts that have been borrowed from chaperone’s must also be cleaned and returned at this time.

7.      Reassemble and turn in your entire uniform on the blue hanger and all accessories at one time.

Any questions contact  Lisa Clauson, 357-7165,