Why be in the Lincoln Band?

With nearly 300 students in our program in four concert bands, three jazz bands, and marching band, we’re sure you’ll find your home.
No matter what you play or how good you are, you’ll find a spot.

What it takes to be in the band

Marching Band

Please visit this page about joining Marching Band.

Concert Bands

It’s as easy as putting band on your schedule to be a part of a Concert Band.
The following concert bands are open to everyone:

  • Freshman Band
  • Varsity Band (10th grade and up)

We have two audition-only concert bands also:

  • Symphonic Band (Highest band in the program)
  • Concert Band

Symphonic and Concert Band auditions are done before each Semester. If you wish to enter during a Semester, please contact the band department prior to putting it on your schedule.

Jazz Bands

There are three different Jazz Bands. Each one has a progressing difficulty in music.
Auditions for Jazz Band are held the beginning of the first Semester. You can join at anytime, but please contact the band department first.
Jazz Bands are held during 4th period. 1/2 of the period is for lunch, while the other 1/2 is for Jazz Band. Students in Jazz Band are not eligible for a Study Hall or full period Open Lunch.