Nov 11

Uniform Check in day

Posted in News by Leon Olson

Uniform Check in day is Saturday November 17, from 9:00-noon in the band room

  1. Dry-clean your uniform jacket and pants; you MUST show proof of dry cleaning.  Tuba players must also dry clean black beret.  Vestee and sash do not need to be dry-cleaned.
  2. Hang everything neatly on blue hanger with blue garment bag.
  3. Put 1 or 2 clean black band t-shirts in your blue garment bag.
  4. Hat box: hat, plume, gloves(1-2 pairs), gauntlets and black socks(1-2 pairs)
  5. Black drillmaster band shoes: polish as needed, stuff toes with paper towels or newspapers, place in a grocery bag (we will label shoes when you check in your uniform)
  6. You must have all pieces listed above in order to check in your uniform.

If you have any questions, regarding uniforms please contact:  Lisa Clauson 357-7165 or