Oct 6

Uniform Care (When It Rains)

Posted in News by Eric Knutson

On a rainy day, following a rainy weekend, it seems like a good time to remind band members and families about uniform care.  Everything you do to take proper care of your uniform enhances your band’s appearance, and demonstrates pride in your band’s impression and colors.

– Always remove your uniform from the garment bag following a performance, whether wet or dry. 
– Hang all uniform parts separately on hangers–allow to air out/air dry completely.
– Turn the garment bag inside-out and also hang to air out/air dry.
– If wet, remove plume from the tube to air dry.  You may attach the metal clip of the plume to a hanger with a clothes peg, to allow the plume to dry upside-down.  When the plume and tube are dry, put the plume back into the tube, metal cup-end first.
– Remember to store hats upside-down in the hat box to avoid wear on the silver brim.
– Check that buttons and snaps are sewn on securely, and repair as required.    

Jim Pundmann, our representative with Stanbury Uniforms, confirmed this month that the replacement cost for an LHS uniform is $573.50.  The breakdown of cost per individual uniform piece is as follows:  Coat= $323.50; Bibbed trouser= $157.00; Sash= $32.75; Sequined Vestee= $60.25.  These costs are assessed to student ISA’s for uniform parts that need to be replaced.  A $15.00 charge is also assessed to ISA’s for pants that are returned frayed at the hem. 

One student had a sash that was too loose on her shoulder.  The button holes had become stretched and were too large for the buttons, causing her sash to fall off.  She resolved this by using white thread to sew the sash button hole sizes to be smaller.  Also, some students have made adjustments to their pant hems to avoid fraying at the bottom of the pants.  These are good things to check for when looking over your uniform in preparation for a performance. 

The uniform that you take care of this year might be your uniform again next season; if you move into a different uniform next year, it is good to know that it has also been well taken care of.  Everything you do as a band member reflects on your band. 

Thank you for your help with uniform care! 
      -The Uniform Committee