It is always great watching the LHS Band put on spectacular shows, but it is even more fun to watch and listen to people who haven’t seen the Lincoln Band before.  They are truly amazed.  The comment above was made by a parent from the West De Pere Band, the top finishing Class AA band from Wisconsin, who stopped after the afternoon competition and asked me if I was from Lincoln.  I can tell you he put extra emphasis on BEST and EVER.  This was just one of many compliments paid to the band on Saturday.  Way to go LINCOLN BAND! 

In case you are having withdrawal symptoms already, here are some links to tide you over until the DVD’s are available:

 1)  Photos from Up Above at Quad States:  Courtesy of Jon Sogn

If you would like to see photos of the show taken from the rafters of the Dakota Dome, click the above link.  To view you need to have a Snapfish account, but it is easy and free to establish an account.  All you need to do is provide a name, email address and establish a password.  We recommend you view it as a slideshow and move the slider on the bottom of the slideshow screen to make the pictures move quickly – it is like watching the show step by step. 

2) Link to the Quad States Show: South Dakota Public Broadcasting (LHS starts around the 5th hour of the recording)

3) Jolesch Photography Quad-State photos.

Steve & Gina Pfeiffer
Co-presidents LHS Bandparent Assoc.