May 3


Posted in News by Leon Olson

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
6:30 PM LHS Auditorium
The concert will feature all three Jazz Bands, as well as the Freshman, Varsity, Concert & Symphonic Bands.  We will also be holding a very short meeting of the LHS Bandparent Assoc. to elect new board members for the coming season.  If you are a new member or didn’t join the Bandparent Association last year you will have an opportunity to join before the concert so you can participate in the meeting.

We will also have the following available:
Grocery Card Sales – these will be available in the lobby before and after the concert instead of the usual location by the band room.
ISA – stop by and check your balance, or make a payment.  Each student needs to work towards completing their fundraising goal.  Many of the fundraisers have been completed, but you can still purchase grocery cards or make direct payments to your ISA.  Although many students  have done a great job of fundraising this year we still have a significant number who have not met their goal.  This is the way the marching show and travel expenses get paid, and without everyone’s participation we will not be able to maintain the same type of program we have had in past years.
LHS Bandparent Memberships – don’t forget to join or renew your membership.
Spiritwear Sales – are you missing a show pin from your collection? 
Used Drillmaster Shoe Collection – if you are done with your drillmasters or will be at the end of the concert, drop them off and donate them to the Bandparent Assoc.  We will resell them to other students.
Used Drillmaster Sales – we have a selection of used drillmasters which will be for sale Tuesday night for $5.  They are available on a first come first serve basis.  If you are a new member you will get an order sheet and sized for band shirts and shoes at new Members Day this Saturday.  If you are interested in used shoes, get sized and get the order form for new ones on Saturday, and then before turning the order form in you can check Tuesday night to see if used ones in your size are available.
LHS Committee Signup – the only way the LHS Band program is able to be as successful as it is, and do the kinds of things it does, is with the help of a tremendous group of band parents.  It has been said, and it is the true, LHS band parents are the best!  We need all of the parents to look at the various committees and sign up to help.  Some of the committees require almost the entire parent group, (Festival of Bands), some require only a few people, some require help on a single day, and others are ongoing.  Please stop and check out the committees before and after the concert and signup for the committees where you can help.
Committees Include:
* Festival of Bands (FOB) 
* Chaperones
* Drum Corp International Show (DCI)
* Roadies & Props
* Chicken Dinner Fundraiser
* Spiritwear Sales
* Special Events
* Spat Camp Treat & Watchers
* Flag Sewing
* Bandparent Membership Sales
* DVD Sales
* Publicity
* Colorguard
* Fundraising
* Fundraising Distribution
* Band shirt & Shoe Sales
* Uniforms
* Ticket Sales
And I probably missed at least one…
If you are new to the band, be sure and come to the concerts Tuesday night, enjoy the music, and talk with the veterans about committee opportunities.  Its only when you get involved that you truly see what an amazing thing the Carlson’s have put together that we call the LHS Band.