Sep 1

More Updates & ISA Fundraising

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Chaperone Equipment Need:

Chaperones would like to thank all of those parents who have made generous donations to help our students prepare for a performance.  We are still in need of a couple of things if people are interested in donating them.  We need white electrical tape for the drum majors, a few small (not penlight) flashlights, small individual saline solutions for contact issues, and bottles or tubes of snap cap gel hand sanitizer.  Please contact Kathy Waters, 376-2906, or Kelly Tollefson, 351-6844, if you would like to donate either of these items.  Thank You.

QSP Magazine Fundraiser:

The QSP magazine fundraiser starts on Thursday, September 3. Students can earn around 35% of their sales for their ISA accounts.

A QSP representative will explain the program and hand out forms to students during band classes. Forms will be available in the band room on the north filing cabinets for those students who do not have a band period.

ORDER FORMS AND MONEY ARE DUE WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16. Put them in the QSP box on the north filing cabinets in the band room. Make sure your name is on the envelope/forms and that the money adds up correctly. Checks should be made payable to LHS Band.

Friends and relatives can also order magazines, books and CDs online. Just go to, click on the Shop tab and enter the Lincoln band code425000326At the checkout, be sure to enter the student participant’s first and last name so that they will receive credit. Magazine subscriptions may also be renewed.

Questions? Call Laurie Dale, fundraising chair, at 336-9250.

Hy-Vee & Sunshine Grocery Cards:

Remember that Hy-Vee and Sunshine Grocery cards are available at LHS each Tuesday evening from 6-7 pm.  For every $100 of cards purchased, $4 is credited to your student’s ISA account, and the Bandparent Association receives $1.  The purchase of these cards can really go a long way to fulfilling your student’s band participation fee.

Steve & Gina Pfeiffer

Co-presidents, LHS Bandparent Assoc.