Sep 1

Magazine Fundraiser

Posted in News by Leon Olson

The QSP magazine fundraiser begins Thursday, September 1. Students can earn around 35% of their catalog or internet sales for their ISA accounts. The remaining approximate 5% goes to support the band.
A QSP representative will explain the program and hand out forms to students during band classes. Forms will be available in the band room for those students who do not have a band period.
ORDER FORMS AND MONEY ARE DUE NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20. Put them in the QSP box on the filing cabinets in the band room. Make sure that your name is on the envelope/forms. Verify that the money adds up correctly. Checks should be made payable to “LHS Band.”
If you would like ISA credit for chorus or orchestra, please do not turn those orders in to band, turn them in to the appropriate group.
Your friends and relatives across the country can also order magazines online, and you’ll get the credit! Just ask them to go to, click on the Shop tab, and enter the Lincoln band code: 1085931. At the checkout, be sure to enter the student participant’s first and last name so that they will receive credit. Magazine subscriptions may also be renewed.
Questions? Call Laurie Dale, fundraising chair, at 336-9250.