Dec 14

Fruit Distribution

Posted in News by Leon Olson

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Fruit Distribution at the Armory on December 11.  We could not have accomplished it without you.  Thanks to Chad O’Donnell at Bierschbach Equipment for the loan of the forklift and a pallet jack. Thank you to Bruce Huber of Nyberg’s Ace for the use of their pallet jack.  Thank you to John Gregg, Jim Bitz, Dale Stephenson for the use of their hand trucks.  (There were more hand trucks, so thank you to those who brought them.)   Thank you to the many volunteers who unloaded the truck, sorted boxes (and hand-sorted and inspected individual oranges and grapefruits!)  Thank you to those who pulled orders, double-checked, and triple-checked them to make sure they were correct.  Just a few of those include Tim Stotz, Kristi and Grace Worden, Brenda and Leon Olson, Joel and Barb Nevin, Mike and Madonna Granstra, Peter Rasmussen, John Gregg, Rhonna and Scott Sletten, Lori Dale (who also tallied all individual orders, prepared spreadsheets, and checked the financials to keep us all earning money for our students’ ISAs!) Joan Westphalen, John Mogen, Jim Bitz, Dale Stephenson, Kevin Olson and those wonderful parents from orchestra and chorus including Laura Keopke and Lisa Anderson (among others whose names I didn’t catch, sorry) who not only got their own orders out but helped us prepare our band orders as well.  I know there were many more people who helped and whose names I didn’t catch, your help was very much appreciated as well.  You are all greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Kendall and Cheryl Kliewer