Oct 6

FoB Thank-You

Posted in News by Eric Knutson

The 22nd Annual Festival of Bands was held on Saturday, October 3, 2009.  Despite the cooler temperatures and rain, the festival was a huge success!  The day began with thirty-five bands marching in the morning parade.  Twenty-four bands then competed in the preliminary field competition at Howard Wood Field.  The top ten bands from the preliminary competition advanced to the finals and included performances from the four host bands – Lincoln, O’Gorman, Roosevelt, and Washington – as well as an exhibition performance from Parkston High School. 

Lincoln band parents were the official hosts of the finals competition and, once again, did an outstanding job!  With over 110 fantastic volunteers (not including LHS Chaperones and Roadies), the entire evening ran very smoothly as everyone pitched in to make our guests feel welcome. 

We want to thank all the Committee Chairpersons for the extra time and effort they put in before and at finals as well as the excellent work in organizing their volunteers.  We could not have done our part without you.

Thank You 
Aisle Monitor                      Nancy Harsh
Band/Gate Marshal            Nancy Krueger
Button/Program Sales       Kathe Nicolet
Judges’ Helpers/Runners  Dennis Kaufman
Parking/Traffic Control      Dan Westphalen
Registration                      Deb Marks
Water Stations                 Ted Brandner       
Thanks also to Steve Pfeiffer, our current President, who assisted us and answered all of our questions.  His willingness to “hang out” and do whatever was needed can not be overlooked.

Finally, we want to thank each and every volunteer who gave up his or her evening to help host this spectacular event.  We have had an opportunity to witness first hand why Lincoln band parents are the best.  Your willingness to work (even in the rain), your commitment, and your ongoing support of the LHS Marching Band is what makes this organization the best!  Thank you for being an important part in making this a wonderful and memorable event.  

Thank You

Ann Allender, Sandi Baumgartner, Linda Bell, Tami Bennett, Linda Betzler, Michelle Bierstedt, Dana Brandner, Ted Brandner, Shar Chester, Dave Christenson, Jeff Clauson, Ilse Clayton, Kim Cunningham-Foster, Laurie Dale, Julie Dellman, Rhonda Denney, Randy Doty, Patricia Eirinberg, Dennis Fixsel, Jane Fixsel, Meredith Foster, Ben Gertner, Ruth Gertner, Bradley Giebink, Mary Giebink, Madonna Graanstra, Mike Graanstra, Martha Gregg, Julie Grossman, Kendall Harsch, Nancy Harsh, Tim Harsh, Doris Haugen, Dan Haushild, Ronda Haushild, Dave Hemmer, Dan Hoffman, Doug Hoffman, Pam Hoffman, Sandra Hoffman, Shelley Hoffman, Beth Hughes, John Hughes, Jim Jaton, Lisa Jaton, Margie Jensen, Lisa Johnson, Dennis Kaufman, Mary Kaufman, Geraldine Keller, Rex Keller, Linda Koepsell, Loren Koepsell, Nancy Krueger, Paul Linde, Deb Marks, Denise Martin, Greg Martin, Beth McLaughlin, Susan Metz, Jamie Metzger, Kent Metzger, Kristi Miller, Mike Miller, John Mogen, Sue Mossefin, Wayne Mossefin, Lori Mohs, Wanetta Munce, Jeff Murray, Mary Jo Murray, Yukie Naoe, Joel Nevin, Kathe Nicolet, Nicole Nicolet, Jared Olson, John Olson, Matt Olson, Wayne Palmer, Janiece Peterson, Brian Petty, Jennifer Petty, Gina Pfeiffer, Steve Pfeiffer, Joan Rensch, Dona Reiffenberger, Tim Reiffenberger, Laurie Rhoades, Steve Rye, Sandy Schulz, Lon Semansky, Ron Sisk, Sheryl Sisk, Terry Slagle, Jon Sogn, Colleen Sorensen, Tim Sorensen, Chuck Stanga, Cindy Stanga, Dick Stanga, Tom Stritecky, Cheryl Swanson, Richard Swanson, Yvonne Thornton, Mike Thury, Sarah Thury, Joyce Uthe, Dean Versteeg, Dawn Wallace, Dan Westphalen, Roger Wood, Teresa Wood, Wayne Wosje, Pattie Yennie, and any other parent or student volunteers we may have missed.

Leon & Brenda Olson
LHS Festival of Bands Representatives