Oct 8

Festival of Bands: Thank You!

Posted in News by Leon Olson

We would like to offer our very sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of the volunteers who helped to make this year’s 25thAnniversary Festival of Bands a huge success!  Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, flexibility, and all of your sacrifices (including warmth, comfort and sometimes bathroom and meal breaks!) to help out the LHS Band through this fun and worthwhile event.  It would not have happened without all of you!  You as volunteers inspired so many compliments from spectators and from the members of the Festival of Bands Central Committee, who told us that they do not ever need to worry about the evening finals, as the LHS parents always do such a fine job.  We were so proud to wear our Lincoln colors that night as a part of the outstanding volunteer spirit that is the Lincoln Band Parents Association!

Thanks again for making this event so successful!  We were proud to have been asked to help organize volunteers for Festival of Bands. You made our jobs easy and enjoyable!

Winnie and Rob Behrend, LHS Representatives, Festival of Bands