Mar 29

Drum Corps International

Posted in News by Leon Olson

We need approximately 22 more people to serve as local hosts of the drum and bugle corps who will be in town for the July 15 Sioux Empire Spectacular. This is a wonderful way to spend time with outstanding organizations and some really fine young people.  Hosts will be present and available as the “go-to” people to give directions for various necessities (fuel, groceries, acute care, fabric, tools, instrument repair, etc.) and possibly run an errand or two.  One person would need to be present to welcome the corps upon arrival at their housing site – this would be in the early morning hours (around 2-3 a.m.) – and spend the rest of the night there.  One or two corps may spend an extra night and stay in town for a rehearsal day on the 16th.  If so, we would need hosts for the night of the 15th and for as long as the corps are in town.  Please contact Philip Thompson (605.376.9886 or if you are interested.  Thank you!