Sep 15

Dress Rehearsal A Huge Success

Posted in Directors' Note, News by Dan Carlson

We’ve never been happier to see the band make mistakes.  That was our sentiment from last night’s two dress runthroughs.  Don’t get us wrong – there were many, many outstanding moments in last night’s runthroughs, but we learned more last night by putting the students in a true performance situation than we could have learned in a week’s worth of rehearsals.  We want to personally thank everyone, from the students who gave an amazing effort, to the roadies and chaperones who gave up more of their time to get their own reps down to make this thing click, to all of the wonderful parents, fans, and friends of the band who came out to give these students the feel of a true performance setting.  This will certainly make us better in Marshall and we are looking forward to going into competition with great confidence that we may not have had if we hadn’t done our dress rehearsal last night.

There were things that we were still adding in last night for the first time, there were things that we had in that were much better the second time, and then there were things that didn’t quite click either time – but at least we know exactly where we stand and we have the rest of the week to fix them to make this the best show we can before our performance in Marshall.

Again, we humbly thank everyone who gave up their time to make last night possible.  We hope you enjoyed the show and look forward to it’s constant and consistent improvement!

Dan Carlson and Bob Carlson