Sep 9

Breadsmith ISA Fundraiser

Posted in Bandparents' Note, News by Steve Pfeiffer

We have had numerous requests to make a “Breadsmith” ISA fundraiser available to the band. 

Breadsmith of Sioux Falls opened in August, 1997. They employ a  dynamic, open bakery concept that makes for a fun and interesting  experience to visit their micro-bakery. The decor is open, fresh and clean.  Breadsmith has attempted to be responsive to the community’s  needs by donating all unsold bread at the day’s end to homeless shelters and food banks. They also work hand in hand with local charitable foundations and community groups on fund-raisers.

The Breadsmith Fundraiser offers a “10 for 10 Card”.  You receive a card with 10 punches.  For each punch you can purchase a loaf of bread and receive a second loaf of equal or lesser value free. (With some restrictions on specials).  There is no expiration date on the cards. Each card will cost you $10.  The $10 is split: $5 to Breadsmith, $4 to the student ISA account, and $1 dollar to the Bandparent Association to be used for general band expenses not covered by the school district.  The cards must be paid for when you pick them up.  You can pre-sell the cards, buy the cards and then sell them, or buy the cards and keep them for your own use.  Cards cannot be returned once you purchase them, so plan accordingly.

The cards will be available for pick-up on five consecutive Tuesday nights from 6:00 – 7:00pm, (same time as grocery cards).  The Tuesdays will start 9/22/09 and continue through 10/20/09.  Pickup will be at LHS near the band room, except on 10/13/09 (the night of the DVD recording), when they will be available at HWF, before and after the recording session.  Jennifer Petty has volunteered to coordinate the fundraiser and will be available at those times or by other arrangements with her.  Jennifer can be reached at 371-5876.

Start your selling and raise funds for your ISA account!

Steve & Gina Pfeiffer

Co-presidents LHS Bandparent Assoc.