Congratulations to the 37 students that qualified for the 2010 South Dakota All-State Band!  The LHS Band set a new state record this year with that number.   We are extremely proud of these students and of the tradition of excellence they continue to exemplify.

The 2010 All-State Band will be held March 25th through March 27th in Watertown.

The 2010 South Dakota All-State Band Members from Lincoln High School (and their chair placement in their section) are:

Makayla Dooley – Flute, 1st chair, Lewis Band
Cassandra McKay – Flute 5th chair, Clark Band
Angie Bell – Flute, 6th chair, Clark Band
Claire Gregg – Flute, 7th chair, Lewis Band
Kristen Derenge – Flute, 8th chair, Clark Band
Lacey Semansky – Oboe, 1st chair, Clark Band
Deniz Tunca – Oboe, 2nd chair, Lewis Band
Ellen Hoyne – Bassoon, 2nd chair, Clark Band
SaiSai Chen – Clarinet, 2nd chair, Clark Band
Megan Derenge – Clarinet, 8th chair, Lewis Band
Dan Digatono – Clarinet, 9th chair, Lewis Band
Anna Archer – Clarinet
Laura Andrews – Clarinet, 11th chair, Lewis Band
Maddy Pfeiffer – Clarinet, 14th chair, Clark Band
Ali Olson – Clarinet, 15th chair, Clark Band
Emily Kaufman – Clarinet, 20th chair, Lewis Band
Matt Olson – Alto Saxophone, 2nd chair, Clark Band
Collin Noldner – Alto Saxophone, 2nd chair, Lewis Band
Tylar Dormaier – Alto Saxophone, 3rd chair, Clark Band
Amy Oksol – Tenor Saxophone, 1st chair, Clark Band
Garrett Wallace – Tenor Saxophone, 2nd chair, Clark Band
Jordan Hoffman – Trumpet, 1st chair, Lewis Band
Ryan Wood – Trumpet, 3rd chair, Lewis Band
Chris Knutson – Trumpet, 4th chair, Clark Band
Serina Robinson – Trumpet, 5th chair, Clark Band
Josh Friez – Trumpet, 6th chair, Lewis Band
Michael Hoffman – Trumpet, 8th chair, Lewis Band
Mike Digatono – French Horn, 1st chair, Lewis Band
Miranda Marks – French Horn, 3rd chair, Lewis Band
Frank Liang – Trombone, 1st chair, Clark Band
Nathanael Thompson – Trombone, 4th chair, Clark Band
Austin T.W. Marks – Tuba, 1st chair, Clark Band
Dallas Harder-Heinz – Tuba, 3rd chair, Clark Band
Cole Swanson – Percussion, 1st Chair, Clark Band
Soren Docken – Percussion, 1st Chair, Lewis Band
Riley Palmer – Percussion, 3rd Chair, Clark Band
Ethan Nemmers – Percussion, 5th Chair, Lewis Band