Oct 14

Sticky: We Are Proud Of You!

Posted in Directors' Note by Dan Carlson

This note is a little bit late, but certainly needs to be written. Mr. Carlson and I (Mr. C) wanted to express how extremely proud of the band we were on Saturday night for what turned out to be a chilly but passionate performance. We were so impressed at how well everyone dealt with adverse conditions (cold, time restraints, illnesses) and pulled together with such an amazing team effort. It is such a thrill to watch the Lincoln Marching Band Machine in full throttle – from the students’ audience-pleasing performance to the racing roadies to the sleepless chaperones to the die-hard fans in the stands. It was a fabulous performance by all, and it was thrilling to see everyone rewarded in such a big way on such a big stage.

We especially wanted to thank the students that graciously gave up so much of their Fall to join us at the last minute to fill the spot of someone who dropped out during the season. The hole fillers are: Kristian Asfeldt, Natasha Baumgartner, Veronica Bierig, Devin Fox, Natosha Hiipakka, Virginia Larsen, Rachel Munce, and Natasha Phill. Those are eight spots that would’ve been empty throughout the season had these students not stepped up and helped us all out.

We are now dealing with another issue that is taking students out of band – the flu. Last night we had 40 students out with type A influenza and the H1N1 virus, among other things. We are hoping students fully recover and have modified our rehearsal schedule to hopefully make things a bit easier on everyone. Please continue to practice healthy habits to hopefully avoid contracting an illness.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to make Saturday night a success. We are proud of you all!!!