Sep 20

Thrilling First Performance!

Posted in Directors' Note by Dan Carlson

It turned out to be a beautiful night for our first competition of the 2010 season.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more with the weather conditions and we couldn’t have asked for anything more out of the performing members.  We think about all that we were up against this week with homecoming the day before, a new ending, rain, rain, rain, sloppy fields, and yet we heard no complaining.  Mr. Carlson and I were so impressed with the integrity of the group this week – and to think about where the show was just a week and a half ago – WOW!  We just want to congratulate everyone on a thrilling first performance and on your perseverance through tough times.  We could not have asked for a better effort with the instruction you have been given thus far.  You have pushed and challenged us as a staff with your performance and we will be ready to push back for the improvement of the organization.  It is so fulfilling to see the band step up and really nail a performance – there are really very few opportunities that we have to perform our product into which we put so much time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears.  We didn’t waste the opportunity to have a great performance and to experience that second-to-none feeling of the thrill of the audience really digging what we do and of locking in together as a group.  We are so proud of you and and we look forward to more goosebumps in the future!!!

Dan Carlson and Bob Carlson, LHS Directors