Oct 5

Solid Performance at FOB

Posted in Directors' Note by Dan Carlson

It certainly wasn’t the weather we’ve had the past two weekends, but we were able to work through the rain and the cold and put on another great performance. The season continues to wind down ever so quickly. The hours of remaining rehearsals continue to dwindle, and the rain days continue to shave even more time off of our rehearsal time outside. Right now we’re looking at 21 rehearsal hours left for the season!  This is time of year where we have to push very hard to maintain what we have produced, and push even harder to make the product better. We are going to make this product better. This has been quite the journey thus far this season and we can’t wait to see it these last three weekends.

Our “on field – off field” race against the clock that we have to deal with when we perform in Des Moines will be one of the main rehearsal points this week.  They have very stringent rules regarding time, and we will be doing a modified field entrance and exit so as to avoid getting penalized for going over time. The weather looks to be very similar to what we experienced this past weekend at FOB, so in that regard we had a good dress run through. Hopefully it holds, the wind stays calm, and MAYBE the temperature will be a few degrees warmer than what they’re predicting. Regardless, we’ll continue to put our best foot forward.  The weather conditions look to be tough this week for rehearsals, but we’re coming off of a year during which we rehearsed in SNOW getting ready for the Macy’s parade, so this weather should be no tough feat to work though for these students.  We’re looking forward to ending this season strong, so students, bundle up and come ready to work.  We have no doubt you will!