Finding shade on Saturday afternoon was like finding a cold drink of water as we warmed up with our uniform jackets off.  The sun and heat always make for a challenging performance, but in spite of that, the LHS marching band capitalized on a strong afternoon performance scoring a 90.8 in prelims. 

Following the performance, we asked the band “How many of you think you can perform a better show tonight?”  Every hand went up.  We knew we had a much better show in us.  The afternoon was good, but the evening was going to be great. 

The weather conditions were stellar.  The students were determined to have a better outing the second time around.  The stage was set, once again, for another magnificent performance of “The Heist”.  As the band marched over to the stadium, you could feel the energy radiating from the students.  There was a silent intensity – a focus that told us the band was indeed going to perform a great show. 

The band performed what turned out to be a spectacular, energetic show that was visually and musically cleaner than Marshall – all except for about 15 seconds in the second tune during which the band had a music tear that made all of the instructors in the stands hold their breaths.  However, the band quickly recovered and cashed in on the rest of the show, nailing things better than they have ever nailed them before.  It was an emotional performance with drive, passion, and intensity – and the best part about it – it was obvious the students were loving every minute of it. 

I think this will be a show that everyone will be sad to see come to an end.  There are only four weeks left of rehearsal and performances and it has been a thrill ride putting this thing together.  I sense the students feel the same.  It’s so rewarding to see them not just tolerate, but love the work of putting this together, and I’m anxious to further fix things in the show that will make it sparkle even more.  We’re just so proud of the kids and the energy they put into this week after week.  What a thrill!  And to all the parents that make this all possible – we’re continually humbled by your commitment.  This band is like the workings of a small country.  Everyone has to pitch in to make it successful and to make the experience better, and that’s exactly what this band accomplishes so well!