Nov 4

2009 Season Wrap-Up

Posted in Directors' Note by Dan Carlson

Greetings Lincoln Band Fans!  The 2009 season has been fabulous and per suggestion of Steve and Gina Pfeiffer, our 2009-10 Band Parent Presidents, I am presenting the season wrap-up taken from our indoor show script here on the website.  It really is a great summary of the thrills and successes of the season and is a great way to take it all in at once, so here it is!

The Lincoln High School Patriot Marching Band’s first outing of the 2009 season was on September 19.  The band traveled to Marshall, MN for the “Pursuit of Excellence” Field Competition and turned in an amazing, high-powered first performance.  The band won 1nd place in the Ivory Class and 2nd overall out of 17 bands, as well as best drumline.  On September 26th the Patriots traveled to Sioux City to compete in the “Starfest” field competition.  The band ended up winning the sweepstakes trophy amidst a field of outstanding bands.  The band also won best drumline, best hornline, and best music execution.  The LHS competitive marching season was off to a great start.

October 3th found the marching Patriots performing in their home show, the “Festival of Bands” at Howard Wood Field.  It was another spectacular performance by the 250 member Patriot Marching Band.  The “Valleyfest” field competition in Des Moines, Iowa, was the next outing for the LHS Band.  At this event the band won outstanding percussion, outstanding hornline, and outstanding marching and maneuvering.  The band ended up winning the overall sweepstakes award among 24 bands in competition.  It was a performance to be proud of!  The next weekend, on October 17, the band performed in the Augustana Homecoming Parade and then traveled to the Dakota Dome in Vermillion for the “Quad State” Field Competition.  The band competed in superb form winning another sweepstakes trophy.  The band also won overall outstanding percussion, outstanding hornline, and outstanding colorguard.
The final weekend of competition brought the band to the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN, a truly grand venue in which to wrap up the season.  The band competed in a prelims-finals format, making finals and finishing second overall, as well as once again winning best drumline and turning in two amazing final performances.  Everyone would agree that the biggest trophies the band and the fans received were the wonderful comments heard from other people in the stands at this and other events throughout the season.

The 2009 LHS field show is comprised of composed and arranged works by Jeremy Hegg, written exclusively for the LHS Band.  The 2009 production, entitled “The Heist”, was one of the most creative endeavors the LHS Band has ever attempted, and the students performed it masterfully through the entire season.  In fact, for the first time in LHS Marching Band history, the band broke the 90 point barrier five weekends in a row, a feat  no other band in the region matched this season!  The drumline also regained their undefeated status this year, winning the best drumline caption at every contest in which they competed!  The band competed against 92 marching bands from a seven state region this season over the course of six weekends and outscored 91 of them – a truly amazing feat!

The storyline of the performance you are about to witness is simple.  The entire production sets up a mock marching band competition and immediately takes the listener to the awards ceremony.  The second place trophy is presented, and then…what’s this?  The first place trophy has gone missing!  How can this be?  Who did it?  The show takes us through a series of twists and turns, opening with “The Job” and then moving into the jazzy and then intense work entitled “Impossible”.  One lead after another comes to a dead end as horn cases are passed around the band, possibly with the missing trophy inside.  The show slows down and transitions into “Caught In The Act” and then moves into an intense chase scene as the 2009 show closes with “Thieves”.  The true thief is revealed at the end and is seen running off the field in a pre-2002 LHS marching band uniform – first place trophy in hand, and the entire LHS marching band in hot pursuit.  The band literally “steals the show” as they chase down the first place trophy!  Jam packed with mock judges offering their comments throughout the show and getting trapped in forms, magic tricks with disappearing trophies, laser beams, flying rifles and flags, insane percussion, powerful and engaging drill moves, and an incredibly powerful hornline to add the final punch, the 2009 show is a masterpiece that will be remembered for years to come!