Dec 14

Uniforms and Gift Cards

Posted in Bandparents' Note by Leon Olson

One more chance to turn in your band uniform. 

The uniform committee is having a final turn-in (Tuesday, January 11th ) from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.   Please come to the bandroom and remember to bring all parts of your uniform.  Don’t forget — these hard-working volunteers would like to get this wrapped up.   

Hy-Vee/Sunshine Cards – Gift cards. 

Please mark your calendars.  Hy-Vee/Sunshine cards will only be sold tonight and next week on the 21st.  They will NOT be sold on the 28th.  Just a quick reminder – if you are planning on buying gift cards or know you will be shopping at a store that has gift cards, buy your gift cards at Hy-Vee with your Hy-Vee cards.  There are several small displays near the checkout but also one main location that has everything.  Just ask them where it is.  It’s a great way to build up your ISA at no cost to you! 


If you have already reached your 2010 ISA goal (your account balance is black), thank you so much!!   We encourage you to continue to build up your ISA for next season or even begin working toward the trip year.  If you have not met your 2010 ISA goal yet and your account is in the red – please take care of that as soon as possible.  There are still some fundraising opportunities to come.  We also take direct payments.  Questions regarding your balance – contact Becky Stritecky at or 338-7680.  You can also talk to Mr. Carlson.

Christmas Gift Idea.

Don’t forget Band CD & DVDs make a great Christmas Gift.    Contact the Yvonne Thorton at

Merry Christmas,

Leon & Brenda Olson