Sep 8


Posted in Bandparents' Note by Steve Pfeiffer

1 – Parents, remember, if you sent a permission slip to the office indicating that you are giving your student a ride home from ANY bus outing you MUST come find their bus chaperone and personally SIGN them out.  This is a School District rule.  Also, your student is NOT allowed to ride home with another student.  If riding home with another adult it must be on the slip sent to the office for approval.

2 – Students and parents. Leaving any part of a uniform (shoes, pants, sash, hat, gauntlets, etc) lying around unattended is not safe.  Also, proper care is important to save you dry cleaning bills and to keep you looking crisp and sharp at all competitions.  At a recent FB game several uniform pieces were observed in various areas of HWF.  Some were in a garment bag, some were not.  Jackets and vests were seen in a heap and/or on the cement or ground.  The sequins on the vests are easily bent or torn off if someone steps on it.  If uniforms are taken off they should be carefully folded.  All uniform pieces are the student’s responsibility and not cheap to replace.  For example, if you lose a pair of pants it will cost you $140 to replace them and $30+ for a pair of shoes.  Jackets will be much more.

3 – All students should polish their drillmasters before the Marshall competition.  The old fashioned way will give you the best shine!! 🙂  Keeping your shoes shined each week and in good condition will increase the shoe’s life span and protect it from wear and tear, which could keep you from having to buy a new pair in two years.

4 – Chaperones would like to thank the students for their prompt arrival for the Pres. Bowl.  The buses were ready to roll in record time.

Steve & Gina Pfeiffer

Co-presidents LHS Bandparent Assoc