Nov 17

Chaperone Thank-You

Posted in Bandparents' Note by Eric Knutson

We would like to thank the chaperones for their dedication and hard work this past season. You were an incredible, well oiled machine who made it through several tribulations, but with smiles and requests to do it again! Your willingness to give up sleep and often comfort is a testament to your support for all of ‘your’ band students. Because all of you did such a great job you made us look good. We couldn’t have done it without you! We hope that those of you with returning students found the experience rewarding and will come back for another season. To all of our senior parents who will no longer have a student in band we bid you adieu! We hope you take with you an abundance of wonderful memories of your experiences. Good luck to all of you: Becky and Chad Phillips, Shaleen Langenfeld, Angie and Dan Digatono, Lynn and Jim Thomason, Nancy and Tom Krueger, Lori Ontjes, and Teresa Wood.

Kathy and Kelly – Chaperone Chairs