So evidently now we know.  The theme this year seems to be based on toilet issues!!! NO, it was NOT ME who had to make an emergency ‘PIT’ stop on the way back.  A student on Bus 4 just couldn’t hold it any longer.  I won’t name names, but I am sure it will ‘leak’ out eventually.  But hey, I’d rather pull over for a pit stop than for a bus breakdown anyday!  (It was probably that horrible road!-yeah, it might have been interstate, but some stretches were worse than Hwy 23 last week!)

Now, for those of you not along this week I should just make you wonder forever about this picture.  Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah.  Okay, so maybe you weren’t jealous of all the hill climbing we had to do, but you missed being behind the scenes of a great show, a great day, and some great kids!!!  I mean, Wow, after the prelim the chaperones were hot, sweating and tired.  But we weren’t even the ones who just warmed up for 2 hours, performed a show and then still were in a wool uniform, wearing gloves that were taped on, shoes and socks.  And NO, they didn’t even get to take their jackets off.  The only thing they asked for was water.  I didn’t hear one kid whine about being hot.  They just sat on the grass and watched the rest of the shows.  We have the best kids EVER!!!!!  I really don’t think I could’ve done what they do when I was their age.  Could you?  I have SO MUCH respect for what our students do and endure.  I just ‘LOVE THEM’ to pieces!  We chaperones would do well to remember to have the same amount of ‘class’ our students have at band competitions.

So, since I am still brain dead after getting up at 7:30am with about 5 hours of sleep I will not go into all the details I probably should.  And I am not going to thank every individual again.  Partly because Dan Westphalen told me NOT to thank him for his water cooler filling frenzy.  He said ‘I don’t read them anyway!’.  We’ll see if I hear anything about this now.

It was another amazing load up in the morning in 30 minutes.  An on time departure again!  Oh, of course a few things were forgotten in cars or at home, but again, NOTHING like the things kids borrowed last year.    I think we had all the instruments this time too.  We were sans a few students who had been ill, but they joined us later when their parents brought them.
True to how I remember it, hills were aplenty!  Up hills to warm up, up hills back from the stadium and up hill to the student center bathrooms.  Remember, we had prelims, so that was all times 2!!!  And that doesn’t count walk backs for various items that some of us made inbetween.

Okay, you’ve waited long enough.  I’ll explain the picture.  So we pull into our assigned area, park the buses and Bob and Dan tell the kids at 12:05 when they got off the bus they need to go to the bathroom and be in uniform by 12:30.  That was before we found out the pool bathrooms that we were allowed to use only had ONE stall!!!  Yeah, do the math.  Plus, a few minutes later we hear that they have just a ‘wee’ bit of toilet paper in them.  While Julie and I went and knocked on some nearby doors of campus apartments to see if we could get in(no luck) Dan and Bob went UP THE HILL to find more bathrooms.    Yeah, a student center was UP THE HILL.   Believe it or not they were marching off to warm up by 12:40 I believe.  As I lagged behind going UP THE HILL I met Jim T and Jon E.  There was Jim, proudly doing weightlifting with the large toilet paper rolls he got somewhere UP THE HILL!  It was a site to be seen!  Like I said, toilet issue season so far.

So many people helped sweep flags and chaperoadie.  At least half our crew.  Debbie, Dan, Joan, Linda, Wanetta, Nancy, Shelley, Cynda-sweepers.   Sha, Leon, Angie, Lori E chaperoadies.  I bet I missed some too.  Know that your flexibility and willingness to pitch in is appreciated.  And then there was Chad, who got paid to chaperone Saturday!  Lest the rest of you get your undies in a bind, let me explain.  SBI was short on bus drivers so he did double duty.  But he told them he would drive ONLY if he could still chaperone when he got there.  What dedication!
Again the medical chaperones were kept busy.  Thanks Janiece, Cynda and Julie.  Cynda said they were almost ready to set up a triage!  They even recruited the fb trainer who is in band to help wrap ankles.

I do want to especially thank Veronica who ‘volunteered’ to sit with the student who couldn’t march and didn’t go down the hill the last time because she couldn’t get back UP THE HILL.  They sat by the fence.  Thanks Veronica.
And even tho Philip T didn’t chaperone he went down the hill to ask about bathrooms.  Yes, I told you, the theme.  He asked if there was anything he could do to help and I said yes, I don’t want to go back down there, because I don’t want to have to come back UP THE HILL.  So…..one more bathroom issue to mention.
It occurred to me that it would be dark when we got back UP THE HILL after awards.  Since we were at a park I thought I better see if the bathrooms would be locked when we got back.  You guessed right.  They would be.  Then I checked to see if the Student Union would be available.  I was told no, all campus buildings would be inaccessible for bathrooms by then.  So let’s look at this.  Kids were back in uniform by 6pm marching off UP THE HILL to warm up.  Then they would march over to the stadium, perform the show, come back UP THE HILL and load and we’d leave at what, 10:30 or so?  Get back at midnight.  What do you suppose the odds were we were going to make all that happen without a pit stop???  There were a few port a potties in the parking lot we walked by going back UP THE HILL, but did we really want kids taking down suspenders in port a potties!!!!  I talked to Bob during warm up.   He said we would of course march back in formation UP THE HILL, so he wasn’t sure when they would have time to even use the stadium bathrooms.  What a predicament we were in.  We decided to ponder it and decide later.  Well, after the performance, march back UP THE short HILL to the fence they rested while the host band performed.  Suddenly Lynn called me from the stadium bathroom and said there are 12 stalls here, do we have time to let them go now!  Bob said go for it.  So we told the kids to go now or forever hold there ‘pee’ace.  Most went, but not all.  And I think they were almost all back before the big announcement!!
Well, guess what!  We found out later the student center was still open!  Oh, well, another adventure.

It was another record wind up when we got back too.  20 minutes later the lot was empty.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and getting the jobs done.  What a great team we have this year.
I am sure I forgot to mention some heroic deed by one of you.  Accept my apologies.  I’m still up and it’s almost midnight.  I  have one eye open again.

Here is the YouTube link to my son Joe’s video of the show.

Thanks to all who helped at the FB game Friday night.  Another gorgeous night.  Well, for a band performance anyway.  The FB team didn’t have the same luck.  But kudos to the band kids who stayed and kept playing in support of them.
I think Jim and Tom did a good job of training Jeff on the water cooler specialties.  Will you be ready next time Jeff?  Oh, and you have to check out the picture I took of Taylor Martin after Kelly, Cynda and Michelle O finished doing his hair!  The ribbon was a great touch.  All my pics are on Facebook and Snapfish.
No info on Saturday yet.  I may be contacting a few of you regarding some possible chaperone openings coming up for Quad and Mpls.  I will let you know.

Okay, it’s midnight, my bewitching hour has arrived.  I need to sign off.  I’ll send you the link when I get it from Joe.



PS.  6 down and 11 to go.  I got off count somewhere, unless I was counting the fake run through.  Oh NO, we’ll be half way after next weekend!
PSS. Remember, Chaperone party, Sat., Nov 14th.  Anyone want to host, or should we make a reservation!?