Aug 6

Bandparents Association Membership

Posted in Bandparents' Note by Eric Knutson

The Lincoln High School Bandparents Association is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to supporting the LHS band program. Its objectives are:

1.      To encourage and maintain an enthusiastic interest in all phases of the band program at Lincoln High School.

2.      To cooperate with and abide by the decision(s) of those in charge of the band program at Lincoln High School, the Instructional Planning Center, and the Sioux Falls School Board to the end that this program be brought to and kept at the highest level of efficiency.

3.      To encourage and make possible educational trips, exchange programs, and concerts that are sanctioned and approved by appropriate school officials.

4.      To serve as chaperones on band trips.

5.      To actively support fund-raising efforts.

6.      To provide an exemplary model of loyalty, respect, integrity, cooperation, and dedication through parental participation in all activities of the Association.

7.      To promote the Lincoln High School bands and all school music groups in the local communities through the media and special projects throughout the year.

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