Jul 8

Band Calendar

Posted in Bandparents' Note by Hons Oakland

Soon we will have an event calendar available for sale which will include the August spat camp, all the other band competitions, practices, other major school events and more.

Here is where you can help.  Please send ONE picture of your choice of your band member to jeffreyfrohwein@gmail.com and he will make sure that every band member’s picture appears on the calendar.  (There will be a collage of pictures for each month and try to choose one with their instrument or band uniform so it is appropriate for the calendar).

Later this month there will be a link http://lincolnband.org/ so you may order this and other items for the upcoming season.  The price of this color calendar will be $15 each.

We will be accepting photos until July 15th so we can have the calendar available by August.


Jeff Frohwein