Marching Band

About Marching Band

We are one of the largest band programs in the Upper Midwest, including a 260 member marching band.  The 2017 season will feature our field show “The Underground” including the following musical selections: “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Louis Prima, “Impossible Year” by the group Panic at the Disco, “Symphony #11 mvt 2” by Dmitri Shostakovich, and “Children’s Hour of Dreams” by Charles Mingus.



Wind Instruments – Brass and Woodwinds

Wind Instruments are the main melodic voice of the marching band.  Most students participating in the concert program participate in the marching band as well.


Percussion is divided into the Drumline and Front Ensemble. Drumline includes Snare, Bass, and Tenor drums, along with Cymbals. The Front Ensemble includes chromatic mallet percussion such as Marimba and Vibraphone, and accessory percussion such as Timpani, Cowbell, and Triangle.  We also include synthesizers and optional electric bass and guitar.


Colorguard incorporates a variety of dancing, flags, rifles, and sabres, and is the main visual component of the marching band.  The colorguard portrays the storyline or theme through the artistic use of equipment and body work.

What it takes to be in Marching Band

Signing Up

To join the Lincoln Marching Band, there are mandatory meetings in March. You must attend one of these meetings or arrange a private meeting with our directors, Dan Carlson and Sam Anderson. We cannot accept anyone after a set date. This is because of our drill design. We very rarely have members drop out, leaving a “hole,” but when we do,  we need “hole fillers” to fill in this blank spot so we are not penalized at competitions. Please contact us to see if you are interested in being a hole filler.

Percussion and Colorguard are required to audition after signing up.


We rehearse for four weeks before the school year for our “Spat Camp” when we learn the drill and put our show together. During the regular season, we rehearse typically on Monday evenings from 6:00-9:00 PM, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 6:55 AM. There are Football game performances occasionally on Friday nights. Competition lengths vary. They can go from a few hours to multiple days.

Music Memorization

All band members are required to have their music memorized before Spat Camp starts. There will be a mandatory checkpoint during Spat Camp to make sure all members have all required pieces memorized. Percussion music memorization will be determined by their instructors.


You will have an individual expense goal for the season. This is usually around $350 and goes toward uniforms, busing, hotels, show design expenses, etc.  There are multiple fundraising opportunities throughout the year.